Rev. Patricia A. McCullum, D.Min. Assistant Pastor; Director of Christian Education
Rev. Artie L. Polk, D.Min. Executive Minister; Assistant Pastor for Men's Ministry;
Grief Recovery Ministry
Rev. Mary Tillman Associate Pastor for Outreach and Evangelism Ministry
Rev. Michael G. Johnson, BA Special Assistant to the Pastor;
Youth Minister
Rev. Rosalind A. Conley, MA Associate Pastor for Senior Adult Ministry;
Special Assistant to the Pastor
Rev. Michelle Cooper Associate Pastor for Young Adult Ministry
Trustee Kimberly C. Smith Church Clerk;
Director of Technology
Sister Tenita Thompson Assistant Church Clerk
Marcia Suber Church Historian
Trustee Gloria D. Downing Church & Pastor's Secretary
Deacon John Mills Chairman, Deacon Ministry
Trustee Mary A. Smith Chairperson, Trustee Ministry;
Superintendent, Sunday School
Sister Esther Mills, Ph.D Director, Healthcare Ministry
Trustee Randolph Jones, Jr. Church Treasurer
Trustee Gloria D. Downing Church & Pastor's Secretary
Deacon Michael Covington Church Financial Secretary
Sister Sharon B. Gilbert Chairperson, Music Ministry Team
  Director, Chancel Choir
Brother Tony Hall Director, Voices of Praise
  Director, Men's Chorus
Sister Cynthia L. Anderson Musician