Christian Education Ministry

At Mt. Gilead Baptist Church, we strive to build people.  Christian Education addresses the whole human being. Christian Education involves body, spirit and mind. It involves not only the whole person, but also all of God’s creation as it moves people to learn how to relate to God, neighbor and all of God’s creation. Specifically, in the local church, Christian Education  encompasses every activity which attempts to spiritually uplift the members of the congregation. Christian Education first and foremost involves helping people to be biblically informed.  Christian Education does not only occur in a separate department of the church,  Christian Education is done in every sector of the church. At Mt Gilead, we strive to appropriate the Bible in such a way that it comes alive in the contemporary settings of congregants’ lives.

The following ministries come under the umbrella of the Christian Education Ministry:
  • Church Sunday School
  • Kids for Jesus Ministry
  • Teens for Jesus Ministry
  • Youth Ministry
Rev. Patricia A. McCullum, Director of Christian Education
Phone:(202) 889-1199